BULK water supply pipeline project department in Nairobi, Kenya awarded the title of "Vanguard in China-Kenya Belt and Road Cooperation"

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On June 30, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Kenya awarded the title of "Vanguard in China-Kenya Belt and Road Cooperation" to the project department of CSCEC-built BULK water supply pipeline project in Nairobi, Kenya to commend their outstanding achievements in Belt and Road cooperation.


With a total length of 60 kilometers, the BULK water supply pipeline project traverses three Kenyan counties including Nairobi, Kiambu, and Muranga. As a key water supply infrastructure planned by the Kenyan government, the project has great significance for the economic and social development of Kenya. After completion, the project will supply water for people living in Kenya’s capital and near the project.


The project team has promoted the project with high quality and efficiency. At present, the whole line from the water intaking site to the water treatment factory has been completed. Meanwhile, the project team has carried out skill training to develop a group of construction talents with rich management experience, and trained more than 500 local young people as professional workers in the construction industry.

In addition, the project team has actively cooperated with the Chinese Ambassy in Kenya to perform social responsibilities, support public welfare undertakings, as well as carried out plenty of activities including donating books and stationery to local schools and students, repairing roads in the local community, and the activities in cleaning the community so as to improve local people’s wellbeing and promote friendship between China and Kenya.

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