Career Development

During the period of 13th Five-Year
  • 22

    Qualified in professional sequence

  • 25%

    Seven core categories

  • 1person

    New academician

  • 2persons

    New masters of national engineering survey and design

  • 50persons

    Corporate expert and chief experts

Human resources provide support implementation of the company's planning objectives by setting up a high-quality professional team with appropriate number of persons, optimal structure and reasonable layout.

We will implement a unified ranking system throughout the group, establish four talent channels (management, specialty, consultant and operation), provide multiple career development paths for the staff, establish standards for CSCEC talents through 22 professional sequence qualifications, form a mechanism for training professional elites and craftsmen, and encourage scientific development of talents. We will implement young talent training projects for the Company's sustainable development..

We will maintain the leading position in the industry and promote improvement of China Construction's quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading. We will further strengthen the ranks of high-end personnel, leading personnel, project managers, survey and design, scientific and technological research and development, business law, investment and operation and high-skilled personnel up to 25% of total staff. We will try to produce additional 1 academician, 2 national engineering survey and design masters, 10 provincial engineering survey and design masters and experts, and 50 experts and chief experts. We will also further improve personnel qualities and promote the match between talent structure and business development, and will enable each business sector to maintain and increase per capita performance.

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