CSCEC's four decades in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

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The year 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

From a small fishing village to a charming, vibrant, and creative city in only four decades, Shenzhen has seen many miracle projects springing up, most of which have been contracted to or backed by China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC).

In 1984, Deng Xiaoping visited the construction site of CSCEC's Shenzhen Guomao Building. By December 1983, this project had reached a construction speed of adding a floor every three days. It was a milestone in China’s history of high-rise construction.

CSCEC achieved a new "Shenzhen speed" for Hanjing Financial Center, with a height of 350 meters and a total construction area of 160,000 square meters, by completing a floor every 1.6 days.

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, contracted to CSCEC, is a 4F-class civil international airport and one of the world's top 100 airports.

CSCEC’s signature projects in Shenzhen, as part of the city’s efforts to embrace the Belt & Road Initiative, provided a pleasant living environment to local citizens whilst building a community of shared future for mankind.

CSCEC started the construction of Shenzhen Civic Center in 1998. The roof of the building, shaped like an eagle spreading the wings, covers 63,000 square meters and has a span of 486 meters and a total weight of 9,000 metric tons. It was the largest steel-structured curved roof in the country at the time. It was without a doubt the No. 1 roof in Shenzhen.


(Shenzhen Civic Center)

The Changzhen public housing project and its ancillary projects constitute the largest prefabricated building area that is currently under construction in China, and the largest public housing project in Shenzhen. Green construction technologies have been applied during construction, setting benchmarks both nationally and internationally for public housing. Upon completion, it will provide 9,672 units of social security housing for skilled workers and affordable housing for middle- and low-income families.


(Changzhen Public Housing project)

The Shenzhen Pingshan River Main-Stream Water Management and Water Quality Improvement Project by CSCEC is the first one in China to ensure the water quality of river cross-section. It's also a large-volume water management project to cover the whole basin. After three years of hard work, Pingshan River has become the “ecological corridor” of eastern Shenzhen, demonstrating the river management and water treatment capabilities in the country. 


(Shenzhen Pingshan River Main-Stream Water Management and Water Quality Improvement Project)

The Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition, initiated by the Shenzhen municipal government and CSCEC subsidiary China Overseas Land & Investment Limited, is an urban cultural infrastructure project that has become a landmark and attraction of Shenzhen in terms of art and cultural communication. It is invested, constructed, and operated by China Overseas Land & Investment Limited.


(The Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition)

In the 1980s, Shenzhen Guomao Building was the tallest building in China with a height of 160 meters. In the 1990s, Diwang Building became the tallest skyscraper in Asia with a height of 383.95 meters. In 2012, KingKey 100 Tower set a new record of 441.8 meters in Shenzhen. Then in 2016, Ping'an International Financial Center pushed it even higher, to 592.5 meters. The rising skyline is a chronicle of CSCEC's achievements in the social and economic development of Shenzhen.

CSCEC will continue to be an active participant and sturdy supporter of Shenzhen’s reform and development in the years to come, serving its needs for economic and social growth.

Shenzhen Guomao Building, 160 meters

Shenzhen Development Center, 165.3 meters

Shenzhen Jingguang Center, 209 meters

Tencent Binhai Building, 248 meters

Shenzhen Hengyu Financial Center (under construction), 301.4 meters

Shenzhen Pingshan Shimao Phase II (under construction), 302.15 meters

Shenzhen Hanking Center, 350 meters

Shenzhen SEG Plaza, 355.8 meters

Shenzhen Shenwan Huiyun Center (under construction), 357 meters

Shenzhen Diwang Building, 383.95 meters

Shenzhen UpperHills, 388 meters

China Resources Headquarters tower, 392.5 meters

KingKey 100 Tower, 441.8 meters

Ping'an International Financial Center, the main body, 592.5 meters

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