CSCEC at the BEYOND Expo 2024 in Macau

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The 4th BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (referred to as “BEYOND Expo 2024”), themed “Embrace the Unknown,” was recently held in Macau. Marking its fourth appearance, CSCEC participated in the Expo and hosted CSCEC's 6th international technology conference.


At the event, CSCEC unveiled three innovative construction solutions, demonstrating the synergy between technology and architectural aesthetics.

Modular Integrated Construction (MiC): Rapid Urban Renewal


CSCEC introduced its Concrete Modular Integrated Construction (C-MiC) solution. Highlighting the Huapichang Hutong No 8 Building project in Beijing as an example, CSCEC demonstrated how the pilot project, one of Beijing’s first pilot projects using the “original demolition and reconstruction” model, transformed a five-story old building into a modern residence within just three months.

LIGHT Photovoltaic Modules: Solar Power for Buildings


The LIGHT series photovoltaic modules offer a comprehensive solar power generation solution for buildings and complex hyperbolic curtain wall technology continually breaks industry boundaries. These modules, which seamlessly integrate photovoltaic technology into glass curtain walls, set new industry standards with their complex hyperbolic designs. By innovatively incorporating photovoltaic technology, these modules transform buildings from energy consumers into efficient "power banks," significantly reducing reliance on external power sources and supporting the achievement of dual carbon goals.

MiMEP: Revolutionizing Construction Processes


The MiMEP approach involves designing, prefabricating, and assembling mechanical and electrical pipelines into modules in a factory setting, followed by onsite installation. This method not only accelerates construction timelines and improves efficiency but also enhances environmental sustainability and safety. This eco-friendly construction technology and its applications have become a green building model in Hong Kong.

Since its inception in 2021, the BEYOND Expo has aimed to become a platform focused on international technological advancements and the cultivation of Asian science and innovation culture. This year’s Expo featured a 100,000 square meter exhibition area, attracting participation from over a thousand enterprises.

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