China Construction America Inc.'s Gerritsen Inlet Bridge Renovation Project wins the Annual Architectural Achievement Award of ASCE Metropolitan Section

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Recently, the Gerritsen Inlet Bridge Renovation Project undertaken by China Construction America Inc. was granted the 2018-2019 Architectural Achievement Award of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Metropolitan Section, which further has stabilized the advantageous position of China Construction America Inc. as an international contractor in the American infrastructure industry.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Gerritsen Inlet Bridge is one of the most important major bridges in the coastal highway system of New York and an important transportation hub in Brooklyn. Since it was opened to traffic in 1940, it has been handling as many as 200,000 vehicles every day. During the construction, China Construction America Inc. introduced the innovative mechanically stabilized earth system (MSES), which not only reduced safety risks, but also ensured that traffic was not interrupted during the construction period. The New York City Department of Transportation highly recognized the construction method, and has applied it in all its subsequent bridge projects and popularized it as a standard process for the similar types of bridge projects. Although the bridge was surrounded by plenty of water bays and beach parks, China Construction America Inc. brought zero pollution to the adjacent waters and protected the ecological system of the national park during the construction period. The renovation project was completed in October 2018.

The ASCE Metropolitan Section has been granting the Annual Architectural Achievement Awards since 1966, for the unique applications of remarkable civil engineering technologies in the landmarks of the New York metropolitan area. Before this, the Alexander Hamilton Bridge Project and the New York Metro Line 7 Ventilation Facilities Project undertaken by China Construction America Inc. also won awards in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

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