Bolivian President Morales attends the signing ceremony of the San Jose-San Ignacio road upgrade and reconstruction project in Bolivia

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On September 20, Bolivian President Morales attended the signing ceremony of the San Jose-San Ignacio road upgrade and reconstruction project in Bolivia. Witnessed by Morales, China State Construction and Bolivian Highway Administration signed the EPC contract of the project.

During the signing ceremony, the China State Construction representative held a talk with the Bolivian government representative and World Bank representative in Bolivia, expressed China State Construction’s gratitude to the government and institutions for trusting it, conveyed China State Construction’s wish to actively participate in Bolivian infrastructure construction and confidence in completing the contract.

The Bolivian government’s investment in this project is estimated to be 230 million U.S. dollars, including 4 sections that require pitching. After completion, the project will connect up San Jose, San Rafael, La Fortuna and San Ignacio, greatly increase commercial activities centered on agricultural products and livestock products in those regions, and promote inter-provincial, inter-regional and international transportation as part of the biological marine corridor.

The signing of contract was witnessed by relevant heads of Bolivian Ministry of Government Affairs, Ministry of Development and Planning, Senate, Ministry of Highway, the government of Santa Cruz Province, and city governments along the road, as well as the World Bank delegation, representatives of regional social organizations and other bodies. (China Construction International Corporation Limited, China Construction First Building Corporation)

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