Successful cooling operation at the Iconic Tower in the CBD of New Administrative Capital of Egypt by CSCEC

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CSCEC has successfully initiated the cooling system for the Iconic Tower in the CBD of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, connecting it to the municipal cooling system. This achievement marks the operational launch of the air conditioning system for "Africa's tallest building."

Rising to a staggering 385 meters, the Iconic Tower stands as the focal point of the CBD and the highest structure on the African continent. The cooling system for this landmark includes six plate heat exchanger rooms, 15 plate heat exchangers, 21 chilled water pumps, 97 air handling units (AHUs), and 1,043 fan coil units (FCUs). The project team meticulously developed a comprehensive suite of plans, including a cooling schedule, implementation strategies, and water and power supply schemes, ensuring the smooth execution of the cooling operation. The flushing and cooling processes were completed on schedule.


CBD of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt

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