UWB College: Young CSCECers embark on a journey of cultural exploration

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Recently, young employees of CSCEC embarked on a journey of cultural exploration at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) and the Al Shindagha Museum in Dubai.

At the Al Shindagha Museum, guided by cultural experts, the young employees delved into various thematic exhibitions, gaining insights into the unique local culture, daily life, and historical development of Dubai and the Gulf region.


Situated on the banks of Dubai Creek, the museum overlooks the R1013/2D Improvement of Al Shindaga Corridor Phase 2D Project, which was constructed by CSCEC.


The young employees visited the SMCCU, where they participated in a UAE cultural-themed dinner, learning about local cuisine, traditional etiquette, attire, and cultural customs.


Throughout the activities, participants enthusiastically asked questions and engaged in discussions, deepening their understanding of each other's cultures and values.

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