CSCEC projects win multiple Architizer A+ Awards

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Recently, the winners of the 12th Annual Architizer A+ Awards were announced. Among the winners were several projects designed by CSCEC, including the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and Tianfu Library of Humanity and Art, the Phoenix Mountain Sports Center, Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery, CSCEC's Lakeside Headquarters, and Voice Recording 1982. Notably, the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and the Tianfu Library of Humanity and Art and the Phoenix Mountain Sports Center received Jury Winner awards.

Jury Winner 

Institutional - Libraries 

Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and Tianfu Library of Humanity and Art



The Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and Tianfu Library of Humanity and Art are situated in the Tianfu Art Park in Chengdu. The buildings feature iconic curved roofs covered with grass, resembling undulating mountains. The wide overhanging eaves shelter diverse public activities.

The Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, with a floor area of 33,000 square meters, serves as a center for contemporary art exhibitions and research. The Tianfu Library of Humanity and Art, covering approximately 32,000 square meters, provides a space for art-related reading and the promotion of aesthetic living.

Jury Winner

Sports & Recreation - Stadium and Arena

Phoenix Mountain Sports Center



This project includes a 60,000-seat professional football stadium, an 18,000-seat comprehensive sports arena, and commercial facilities. It hosted the basketball finals of the Universiade and serves as the home ground for a Chinese Super League team.


Cultural Building - Gallery and Exhibition Spaces

Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery



The Chengdu Tianfu Art Gallery, one of China's newest art galleries, spans 40,000 square meters and houses 13 specialized art exhibition halls. It showcases modern art and works by local artists. The museum also features art storage facilities, public education spaces, art shops, and a café.


Commercial Architecture - Mid-Rise

CSCEC's Lakeside Headquarters



The CSCEC's Lakeside Headquarters is the first near-zero energy building in Southwest China. It has received a near-zero energy certification, a carbon-neutral building certification, and wins champion award of the 2022 Active House Award.


Commercial Architecture - Adaptive Reuse

Voice Recording 1982



The Voice Recording 1982 project revitalized old office buildings and staff dormitories (built in 1982) into a dynamic catalyst for the core area of the old city and a local innovation employment center. Post-renovation, the project offers various functional spaces including boutique studios, gyms, shared meeting rooms, sleeping pods, bars, dining facilities, and designer shops.

In addition to its Jury Winner award, the Phoenix Mountain Sports Center is the Popular Choice Winner in the Sports & Recreation - Stadium and Arena.


The Architizer A+ Awards is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive architecture awards, recognizing the most outstanding architecture, space projects, and product designs annually. It aims to encourage global appreciation of meaningful architecture and advocate for the potential positive impact of architecture on daily life. The awards are categorized into Jury Winner, Finalist, Special Mention, and Popular Choice Winner.

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