CSCEC and Algeria's Renewable Energy Development Center sign a framework cooperation agreement

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Recently, a signing ceremony for a framework agreement between CSCEC and Algeria's Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER) was successfully held at the Oriental Business Park in Algiers.

In the presence of distinguished attendees, both parties signed the agreement, committing to strengthen the exchange of experiences and practices in the fields of renewable energy and new technologies. This collaboration aims to promote the development and implementation of renewable energy and innovative technologies, as well as to jointly conduct research and pilot projects in related areas.

The CDER, established on March 22, 1988, operates under the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. CDER is responsible for scientific and technological research and development projects utilizing solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. It comprises three research institutions: the Solar Equipment Development Unit (UDES), the Renewable Energy Applied Research Unit (URAER), and the Renewable Energy Research Unit in Saharan Area (URERMS), along with a commercial subsidiary, ER2.

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