CSCEC contributes to Serbia's development

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CSCEC contributes to Serbia's development by constructing many high-quality projects, facilitating development in various fields such as transportation, trade, and culture.

 Eurasia Trade Center


The project is located in Belgrade, consisting of two standalone buildings and a ground-level parking lot, with a total construction area of approximately 34,700 square meters, including over 470 shops and 430 above-ground parking spaces.

 Chinese Cultural Center in Belgrade


Situated at the China-Serbia Friendship Square in Belgrade, the cultural center offers courses in Chinese language, traditional musical instruments, calligraphy, Tai Chi, etc., serving as a window for Serbian people to understand China and experience Chinese culture.

 Vidovdan Settlement Health Center in Novi Sad


Equipped with specialized outpatient departments such as surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, gynecology, and orthopedics, the health center officially opened at the end of 2023, providing medical services to over 25,000 local residents and significantly improving local medical conditions.

 Yihai Z65 residential and commercial complex


The project is located in Belgrade, with a construction area of 32,700 square meters. It consists of ten above-ground and two underground floors, and provides 227 sets of high-quality housing units and eight shops for local residents, contributing to local economic development.

 Serbia's Backi Breg-Srpska Crnja expressway


Upon completion, the project will greatly improve local transportation and promote trade between the eastern and western parts of northern Serbia.

Lot 1 and Lot 2 Bridge Section of Danube Corridor Industry Park Project


The Danube Corridor Industry Park Project spans approximately 68 kilometers from Pozarevac to Golubac, with four lanes and a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Upon completion, it will improve transportation in eastern Serbia and enhance Serbia's connectivity with neighboring countries and regions.

Haitian Production Plant Phase II Project


 With a total construction area of 68,500 square meters, the project includes factories, canteens, administrative buildings, and 18 supporting auxiliary structures. Upon completion, it will serve as Haitian Group's equipment manufacturing base in Europe.

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