CSCEC at China Brand Fair 2024

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Recently, the China Brand Day event kicked off in Shanghai, featuring the China Brand Fair as one of its highlights. CSCEC was invited to participate, showcasing its remarkable brand under the theme "CSCEC: Building Happiness via Innovation".


Sandbox of CSCEC-built cities


The sandbox consists of iconic projects undertaken by CSCEC worldwide, showcasing the company's full industry chain capabilities in investment, construction, management, and operation. It also integrates achievements in construction industrialization, sponge cities, resilient cities, and eco-cities.

Sandbox of Egypt's CBD project in New Administrative Capital


This sandbox presents Egypt's CBD project in New Administrative Capital to scale, including the "tallest building in Africa" at 385.8 meters. During construction, CSCEC set multiple records in the architectural history of the Middle East and Africa.

MiC Model


CSCEC actively promotes collaborative innovation between industry, academia, and research. A batch of innovative products has been commercialized and industrialized. One notable example is the renovation of the pilot project at the Huapichang Hutong No 8 Building project in Beijing. Using independently developed Concrete Modular Integrated Construction (C-MiC) technology, over 90% of the construction process was completed in factories, resembling car manufacturing but for houses. Within just three months, a five-story "old and dilapidated" building was transformed into a nice house.

BIPV Lightweight Aluminum-like PV Module Display Model


CSCEC is actively promoting green and low-carbon transformation. The independently developed BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) modules balance power generation and building material functions, providing a complete solar photovoltaic power generation solution for buildings. With a maximum power generation of 180W/square meter, taking Shanghai as an example, each square meter of south-facing application generates approximately 145 kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the carbon reduction of about 2.5 trees annually.

Model of intelligent bridge-building machine


CSCEC nurtures new productive forces in the industry through technological innovation. The independently developed intelligent bridge-building machine has been used in major engineering projects such as the Hangzhou Asian Games. Compared to manual labor, its positioning and beam placement efficiency has increased by nearly 70%, and the installation efficiency has increased by over 20%.

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