CSCEC wins multiple international awards

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CSCEC has recently been honored with multiple prestigious awards.

Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions Silver Award:

Silver Award of International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

CSCEC's self-cleaning radiative cooling coating won a silver award at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, a significant recognition at one of the world's top three invention shows. This exhibition, founded in 1973, is the longest-running and largest of its kind globally, drawing over a thousand innovative projects from around the world this year.

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The awarded product is an innovative energy-saving and environmentally friendly material that can cool without consuming electricity or refrigerants. Additionally, its self-cleaning properties ensure durability and cooling effectiveness while reducing maintenance costs. The product also breaks new ground by being available in multiple colors such as red, yellow, blue, and gray, moving beyond the traditional white of passive cooling technologies and meeting aesthetic needs for various application scenarios. It is suitable for use in telecommunications, power, grain and oil, petrochemical, and construction sectors where high cooling consumption is common.

2024 Active House Award

The Qingdao City Memory Museum, another project by CSCEC, was recognized with the 2024 Active House Award in the category of Radar Master.

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中国建筑荣获多项国际奖项 5.webp

The Active House Award, bestowed by the Active House Alliance, recognizes and promotes best practices in sustainable and people-centered architecture.

The Qingdao City Memory Museum, constructed in 1906 and one of Qingdao’s renowned century-old buildings, was honored for its low-carbon performance enhancement design. This design focuses on comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental protection to create an active building. It carefully preserves the original historical appearance of the building while adapting it to people's usage and health requirements. This approach transforms the museum into a dynamic and vibrant cultural space.

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