CSCEC attends 2024 Conference on International Industrial Cooperation (Singapore) & China's Machinery and Electronics Show

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CSCEC attended the latest inauguration of the 2024 Conference on International Industrial Cooperation (Singapore) & China's Machinery and Electronics Show at the Singapore Expo as a leading exhibitor.


With the theme "Building Happiness via Innovation", CSCEC has set up a brand image zone and three special exhibitions: "Building Urban Development", "Building Silk Road Oasis", and "Building Win-Win Cooperation". These displays highlight how CSCEC, through innovative technology, collaborates with partners globally to construct green, low carbon and attractive living environment.

"Building Urban Development" Exhibition

Focusing on the development needs of improving urban functionality and enhancing living environment, CSCEC showcases how it empowers urban development through technological innovation, contributing to the continuous optimization of urban functionality and quality.


Fine examples of "Building Urban Development"

"Building Silk Road Oasis" Exhibition 

In the "Building Silk Road Oasis" Exhibition, CSCEC emphasizes its commitment to prioritizing eco-environmental conservation and green development. By implementing energy-efficient and carbon-reducing projects, CSCEC aims to empower sustainable development through green design, construction, and operation, so as to create vibrant urban oases.


Fine examples of "Building Silk Road Oasis" Exhibition

"Building Win-Win Cooperation" Exhibition

CSCEC conducts various activities such as the "Building Happy Library" and the UWB College, promoting cultural exchanges and contributing to local development.


Fine examples of "Building Win-Win Cooperation" Exhibition

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