The largest ice cream factory in Southeast Asia topped out

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Recently, the main structure of the largest standardized and smart ice cream factory in Southeast Asia, the Aice ice cream factory in the Philippines, which is built by CSCEC, has been topped out.


The project is located at the international industrial park in Lima, Batangas Province, Philippines. The total construction area is approximately 40,200 square meters, and the construction includes the ice cream workshop, office and dormitory building, and water treatment plant. As the first ice cream factory in the Philippines under the Aice Group, a subsidiary of Mengniu, it can provide job opportunities for more than 2,000 local people.


The project is located in a monsoon tropical rainforest climate. The actual construction period is only 180 days, with workers working on 4 construction areas. The dormitory building is delivered within 120 days, creating the fastest construction speed record for local projects under construction.


The project uses approximately 3,800 tons of steel, including the largest single steel beam weighing about 16 tons and measuring 32 meters long. After multiple comparisons of schemes and construction simulations, the project team finally adopted the installation method of "segmental processing and on-site assembly" + "hoisting."


During peak construction, two large cranes simultaneously lift a single span, and nine car cranes are used for steel structure hoisting. Three excavators cooperate in transporting steel components, and real-time deviation verification is carried out during the process. Finally, the "Iron Man" is precisely positioned at high altitude.


The project is for the installation of large-span roof panels, each of which is 51 meters long and weighs about 230 kilograms. It is the first super-long single-panel construction without splicing in the Philippines. After more than 20 days of construction, the installation covering a total of 18,459 square meters was completed.

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