The Pointe Project Phase II in the Bahamas receives thank-you letter from the owner

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Recently, the post-construction operations and maintenance team of The Pointe Phase II project in the Bahamas, which was constructed by CSCEC, received a letter of gratitude from the owner Margaritaville.

巴哈马The Pointe项目二期获业主致信感谢1.png

The letter highly praised the close cooperation between the two parties during the project and expressed broad recognition and appreciation for professionalism and dedication of the project team in the operation and maintenance after completion and handover.

Since the successful opening of the Margaritaville Beach Resort in July 2021, the project team has formed an operation and maintenance team to assist the owner in the hotel's operations. 

巴哈马The Pointe项目二期获业主致信感谢2.jpg

Over the past year, the team has strictly followed local standards and regulations and provided stable, high-quality, and efficient services, strengthening the close connection between the owner and the project team. They have established full trust and deep friendship, providing strong support for the safe and stable operation of various hotel systems and hotel management. Especially in preventive maintenance, data center inspections, and air conditioning cleaning and maintenance, the operation and maintenance team has reduced operating costs and provided strong support for energy conservation and consumption reduction. At the same time, the team actively solved hotel operation problems to enhance the hotel's reputation and customer satisfaction, achieving a win-win cooperation between the two parties.

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