Phase Four of Canton Fair Complex project firstly put into operation

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Recently, the phase four project of CSCEC-built Canton Fair Complex was put into operation.

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Realizing synchronous construction

The construction is carried out in an area of 60,000 square meters. In the construction, the project team realized synchronous construction of tunnel and project structures respectively under and on the ground, successfully solving problems in constructing a multiple interaction structure including metros, tunnels, and exhibition halls in core area of the city.

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The project team independently developed a needle-roller sliding part to reduce the friction force of sliding, applied a construction technique featuring assembly at a high altitude and overall sliding, and achieved the synchronous sliding and accurate locating of steel trusses.

Building a smart and collaborative platform

Based on the BIM technology, the project team built a smart operation and management platform to assist multi-terminal collaborative management of on-site safe construction, quality, staff members, and mechanical equipment. Meanwhile, a collaborative platform for on-site management of the smart construction site was built, allowing the project team to actively join in the whole-process management from commencement, construction, to acceptance check.

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The project team created a multi-dimensional digital technology application scenario, produced a fully-professional BIM model of the project and efficient core construction technologies, carried out in-depth construction design, and optimized construction organization.

Presenting a high-quality project

The super-high first floor space of the phase four project has a height of 16 meters and a design load bearing of 5 tons per square meter. The second floor is a pillar-free structure with all-through space to hold large machinery exhibitions.

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Made of high-performance LOW-E laminated hollow glass in a self-shading system, the curtain walls of exhibition halls effectively reduce sun's radiation amount to the exhibition halls and are equipped with an intelligent temperature controlling system. The outdoor space of exhibition halls has a rain water self-balancing system to reduce flood drainage pressure.

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