CSCEC's public welfare activities contribute to local development

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Recently, CSCEC volunteers carried out public welfare activities in various countries and extended their regards to local people as the New Year approached.

In Indonesia

CSCEC volunteers came to PANTI JOMPO Tresna Werdha Budi Mulia Nursing Home, extended their regards, and gave 339 old people in the nursing home care packages containing toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoos.

中国建筑用温暖助力发展,公益行动进行中 1 .png

The nursing home employees appreciated CSCEC's charitable gifts and old people here had very warm feelings.

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In Sri Lanka

CSCEC volunteers came to Maradankadawala Village, North Central Province, Sri Lanka, carried out an activity with the theme of "light up life, witness happiness", and donated learning, sports, and living supplies to local villagers and primary school teachers and students. More than 100 homes received the gifts and the event was reported by local media.

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"These items are exactly what our teachers and students need," said Mr. S.P.M Karunathilaka, the principal of theprimary school. The school has been serving two villages nearby for nearly 90 years, and Mr. Karunathilaka has worked here for 14 years. "We rarely received donations in the past, and this is the largest donation ever. It happened just a few days before the school startedon the New Year's Day. We appreciate CSCEC's thoughtfulness," he added.

中国建筑用温暖助力发展,公益行动进行中 4 .jpg

CSCEC will further perform corporate responsibility, join in local development, and expand a win-win, green, progressive, and happy environment.

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