Consul General of Consulate General of China in Alexandria Yang Yi and his delegation visit CSCEC-built Alamein New City project in Egypt

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Recently, accompanied by Chang Weicai, general manager of CSCEC Egypt, Yang Yi, Consul General of Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Alexandria, and his delegation visited the Alamein New City project.

Yang Yi and his delegation learned about the CBD project, the construction process and phased goals of the project, and Chinese and Egyptian staff management.

中国驻亚历山大总领事杨易一行到访中建埃及阿拉曼新城超高综合体项目 1.jpg

Yang Yi expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the Chinese and Egyptian staff members of the project for their hard work, and spoke highly of CSCEC's continuous promotion of the construction of the project and the friendly cooperation and exchange between China and Egypt. Yang Yi pointed out that Alamein New City project, which followed the CBD project, was another representative one under the Belt and Road Initiative.

中国驻亚历山大总领事杨易一行到访中建埃及阿拉曼新城超高综合体项目 2 .jpg

Entrusted by Liao Liqiang, China's Ambassador to Egypt, Yang Yi extended sincere New Year's Day regards and greetings to all the staff members of the project.

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