CSCEC builds landmark projects of China-Arab friendship

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Major projects such as the new headquarters of Central Bank of Kuwait and the Algeria North-South Highway co-constructed by China and the Arab states have become landmarks of China-Arab friendship.

The Central Bank of Kuwait New Headquarters Building

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The new headquarters building of Central Bank of Kuwait covers a floor area of about 260,000 square meters, with a gross area of 160,000 square meters and a total building height of about 240 meters. The building consists of three floors underground, six floors of the podium, and 47 floors of the tower. Its functions include the treasury area, parking lots (some areas of the parking lot are used as air-raid shelters), a banking business area, a museum, a dance hall, a lecture hall, and an office area. The project has significant social impact locally and is printed on local currency.

The Algeria North-South Highway

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The Algeria North-South Highway has a total length of 53 kilometers. The implementation of the project has greatly shortened the time for vehicles to cross the Atlas Mountains, opened up the north-south traffic artery in Algeria, and created an “Algeria North-South Economic Corridor” that is important to the development of Africa’s north and south.

New Algiers Airport

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The airport, with an annual passenger flow volume of up to 10 million passengers, meets the Level A standard of the International Civil Aviation Association, covering a floor area of 650,000 square meters and a gross floor area of 200,000 square meters, including a new terminal, overpasses, parking lots, parking aprons and a new energy center.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

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The steel structure construction of the project is described as one of the most difficult and complex projects in terms of design and construction and adopts British design, with a unique shape and a complex structure design. Especially, the central concourse is consisted of an arch with 18 arcing steel structures, the span of the largest steel-structure arch is 180 meters, and the main arch is 50 meters high and weighs about 800 tons. CSCEC built the steel structure and infrastructure, as well as mechanical and electrical facilities. The project wins the first prize in the category of public projects in the Middle East in the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2015.

Paramount Hotel Dubai

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Located on the south side of Sheikh Zayed Road, the 258-meter-high hotel has a gross floor area of 135,400 square meters. The project has now been completed and has become another landmark building in the center of Dubai.

The New Capital CBD in Egypt

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The project is the largest one undertaken by a Chinese enterprise in Egypt so far. The project includes 20 individual buildings, including a 385.8-meter-high building, “Africa’s tallest building”. After completion, Egypt will have a world-class central business district and drive the development of Egypt’s Suez Canal Economic Belt and the Red Sea Economic Belt.

The High-Rise Complex in the New Alamein City

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With a gross floor area of about 1.09 million square meters, the project content includes the design and construction of a super high-rise well-decorated iconic tower, four super high-rise well-decorated residences, commercial facilities and municipal landscape projects.

The Doha Tower

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The project has a total height of 238 meters, and won 2012’s Best Tall Building in the Middle East and North Africa Region by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Sabah Al-Salem University City

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The project is a key national strategic investment project in Kuwait, with an aim to build the world’s largest university city and world-class universities, and provide talent support for Kuwait’s future development. The project includes six buildings with unique shapes, including an administrative building of the University City, a grand Mosque, a cultural center, an assembly hall, a conference center, a university library and a visitor center.

China-funded Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music

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The project is the first complete set of projects that China aids Lebanon. Covering a gross floor area of about 27,000 square meters, the project includes a 1,200-seat concert hall, a comprehensive teaching building, and supporting facilities. Upon completion, the project will become the first music academy with a large concert hall in Lebanon.

Jeddah Housing Project in Saudi Arabia

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The project is a government-subsidized housing project, with a floor area of about 453,000 square meters, including 75 buildings in four plots. The project helps to improve the living conditions of local residents in Jeddah.

China-funded General Hospital in Tunisia

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The project is a comprehensive hospital with a total of 14 buildings including a comprehensive building for outpatient and emergency services, inpatient department, and administrative office building, as well as outdoor projects such as roads, squares, and walls in the construction site. It is a complete project of the Chinese government’s free aid to Tunisia.

The EPC Project of the Nasiriyah International Airport in Iraq

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The project mainly includes the new main terminal building, a VIP terminal building, an air traffic control building, a cargo building, a hotel and an administrative office building, as well as the upgrading and reconstruction of runways and aprons. The planned annual passenger throughput of the project is 750,000 passengers. After completion, it will become the aviation center of southwestern Iraq.

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