CSCEC contributes to Indonesia's economic and social development

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Recently, the 17th summit of the Group of 20 (G20) was held in Bali, Indonesia under the theme "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" and Indonesia, during its presidency, raised three major topics focusing on global health, digital transformation, and energy transition.

CSCEC joins the construction of a great number of key projects in Indonesia and contributes to the country’s economic recovery.


With a total length of 17.8 kilometers, the expressway project in Medan is a vital part of the expressway network in the northern part of Sumatra, Indonesia and Indonesian President Joko Widodo has visited the project for three times.


The OKI pulp and paper mill expansion project of Sinar Mas Group is carried out in Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra, Indonesia. After completion, the mill will product 19,000 tons of pulp per day and become the world’s largest pulp production base. The CSCEC-built project covers an area of about 178,000 square meters and the total construction area of the project is about 116,000 square meters.


With a construction area of about 15,500 square meters, SANY Group’s industrial park in Indonesia is a comprehensive one integrating equipment production, assembly, maintenance, training, and office work. After completion, the park will become a key strategic hub of the group in Southeast Asia.


Located in West Java, Indonesia, the Meikarta project is a super-large urban complex integrating hotels, apartments, schools, and municipal facilities and it consists of the construction of apartment buildings and roads. The 900,000-square-meter-large Meikarta central park, a supporting part of the project, is Asia’s largest man-made park so far.

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