CSCEC Attends Leaders in Construction UAE Summit 2022

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Recently, the representative of CSCEC was invited by Construction Week to attend the Leaders in Construction UAE Summit. The representative of CSCEC was one of the speakers taking part in the panel discussion of the role of leadership in creating a sustainable construction sector. The discussion mainly focused on the top-down strategy attached to sustainability for the construction sector in the middle east region.

The representative of CSCEC expressed that sustainable practices bring great challenges to construction industry and all the other sectors in an era of rapid changes, but adherence to sustainability is a necessary approach to achieve a harmonious society from a long-run perspective. Sustainability is a systematic project that requires the engagement of the whole society, including a top-down government policy guidance and concrete action taken by each social sector. The UAE government and local enterprises also incorporate sustainability into their policies: the administration launched strategic plans such as "Smart Dubai" and "The City of Innovation"; local banks initiate "Green Fund" projects to support the implementation of sustainable development. In the future, construction enterprises should leverage financial support more rationally and efficiently, to fulfil the corporation's social responsibility as "enterprise citizen". The enterprises should also integrate sustainability into their KPI and deliver the concept of sustainability to every employee. It is essential for the enterprise to maintain the dynamic balance between business efficiency and sustainability, and to prompt local regional growth by long-term sustainable development of the corporation. All these approaches contribute to the ultimate goal of "all-win" situation for the whole society.

The summit was held in Taj Exotica, a five-star hotel in the Palm, which is one of the six five-star hotel projects undertaken by CSCEC ME in the UAE. The project fully embraced the concept of sustainability in terms of scheduled arrangement, technology optimization and safety management, and achieved high quality performance through process modelling, dynamic tracking and other engineering techniques. The accomplishment of the hotel project once again adds a tourist attraction to the high-end tourism in Dubai, which promotes the construction of UAE cultural industry and facilitates the regional economic growth during the post-pandemic era.

Now in its 13th years, the Construction Week: Leaders in Construction UAE Summit has firmly established itself as the region's leading high-level strategic conference that brings together the captains of the construction industry. The summit sees more than 200 senior construction professionals--ranging from renowned contractors, consultancy companies and universities--gather to take part in a high-level strategic debate and discussion on the state of the industry, and to share their experiences and best practices.



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