"Ambassadors Face to Face with CSCEC" event held

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On September 21, the "Ambassadors Face to Face with CSCEC" event was held. The event was attended by 76 people from 73 embassies and international organizations in China, including 19 ambassadors and 3 chargés d'affaires from Luxembourg, Dominica, Somalia, Jordan, Rwanda, East Timor, Pakistan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kenya, Uganda, Switzerland, etc.


CSCEC President Zheng Xuexuan said that CSCEC has been implementing the new development concept with all-out efforts, actively integrating into and serving the new development paradigm, and striving to promote high-quality development. CSCEC put forward the strategic goal of "one creation and five aspects of strength" and formed an evaluation index system and strategic support initiatives, insisted on taking innovation as the first driving force to lead development, established and improved a modern enterprise system. CSCEC steadfastly followed the path featuring ecology first and green development, continuously optimized the market layout, strived to build a high-quality professional talent team, actively fulfilled its social responsibilities to promote high-quality development of CSCEC. CSCEC has always adhered to international development, actively participated in the Belt and Road cooperation, built major projects in many countries along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative, deepened win-win cooperation and improved people's well-being with enhanced international competitiveness and brand influence.

Zheng Xuexuan said, in future development, CSCEC will integrate itself into globalization with a more open mind and attitude, aim at high standard, sustainability and people's livelihood, adhere to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, continue to deepen cooperation with other countries, build major infrastructure and people's livelihood projects with high quality, actively cooperate in new fields such as green development, digitalization and innovation, and promote deeper connectivity and common development among countries around the world.


During the Q&A session, the ambassadors in China had in-depth exchanges with the representatives of CSCEC on green building development, future construction technology and overseas investment cooperation and other topics.


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