CSCEC's PKM project actively helps people in the flooded area in Pakistan

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Since mid-June, Pakistan suffered record floods unseen in a century due to the monsoon season. In Sukkur, Sindh, CSCEC's PKM project has donated packs comprising large quantity of rice, grain, oil, sugar and other urgently needed living supplies, and promptly distributed these relief food to around 800 nearby poor victims for free.


Local villagers urgently need medical assistance after flood. The PKM project took active action, organized medical teams to visit nearby villages for free clinics, and carried out free medical and medicine delivery activities to help local villagers understand post-disaster disease prevention and epidemic prevention knowledge.


CSCEC Branch Office in Pakistan also donated Rs 600,000 to the flood-affected people through the All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises' Association to support the local government's flood relief work. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Mr Nong Rong said the donations from Chinese enterprises reflected the iron-clad friendship between China and Pakistan that is rooted in the hearts of the two peoples.

During the disaster, floods inundated villages and washed-out local roads. Sindh Province is in the hardest hit area of this flood. While Section 1 and 2 of the PKM project in Sindh Province completed their own rescue and disaster relief work, they surveyed the local situation and dispatched a rescue team of 25 people with 11 sets of large-scale machinery and equipment, including loaders, dumpers, excavators and water pumps to help nearby villages to repair roads and relieve floods. After several days of emergency repairs, 30 kilometers of flood-damaged roads in four nearby villages were opened up, ensuring the smooth movement of local disaster relief personnel.

A villager Mr. Amanullah was very moved when he saw the busy figure of the disaster relief team of the PKM project and said, "Thank you, China State Construction, for providing machinery and equipment to our village, draining the flood water, and clearing our roads, and thank you for helping us during this difficult time."

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