CSCEC launches "Hailong Cubes" construction solutions online

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Recently, CSCEC officially launches three "Hailong Cubes" MiC solutions.

MiC is short for modular integrated construction. Structurally, MiC buildings can be broadly classified into two categories: steel MiC buildings and concrete MiC buildings. As a highly prefabricated construction method, MiC can provide faster, better, and more environmentally-friendly construction solutions in terms of construction speed and installation precision and it is the core technology of prefabricated construction 4.0. The MiC method can be used to construct a variety of buildings including commercial residential buildings, resettlement houses, apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals and also elevators.

The three "Hailong Cubes" solutions have tackled the bottleneck of high-rise MiC building construction, greatly highlighted their advantages compared with those of conventional construction methods by shortening construction time by 80 percent, and further promoted the industrialization of construction.

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