Excellent Project—Chengdu Tianfu Art Park Project

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The CSCEC-designed project in the Chengdu Tianfu Art Part is a supporting project of the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games. Covering an area of about 577 mu, the project consists of the Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum, the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and a library, and a business street by rivers.

Under concepts of life aesthetics, modern technology, natural ecology, and art, a park city has gradually become a reality from a blueprint.


The appearance of the Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum is inspired by hibiscus, the city flower of Chengdu, and the museum surface extends to the lake like fingers and integrates into the park with its natural shape. With a total area of 7,729 square meters and a total exhibition length of 1,858 meters, the exhibition hall consists of two floors above the ground and one underground floor. All the 13 exhibition halls mainly surround a sunken courtyard and exhibition halls on the second floor are connected by a ring corridor to form a complete visit route.


The Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and the library are two single buildings on the ground, and the underground parts of them are connected by the sunken courtyard. With a construction area of about 33,000 square meters, the museum performs functions including contemporary art exhibiting, fashion releasing, and art training. With a construction area of about 32,500 square meters, the library is for the activities including book reading, international art exchanges, and ancient book collection.

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