Witnessing CSCEC's 40th founding anniversary: Highlights of CSCEC's sports venue projects (1)

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The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of CSCEC. Let's take a look at CSCEC's large sports venues at home and abroad.

Qingdao Citizen Fitness Center in Shandong Province


It is the first sports stadium PPP project invested, constructed and operated by CSCEC. With a total construction area of about 220,000 square meters, the project includes a stadium of 60,000 seats, a gymnasium of 15,000 seats, outdoor sports fields and supporting facilities. It is the largest comprehensive sports venue in Shandong Province. The center has successively held a number of international sports events and domestic comprehensive sports events including the 24th Games of Shandong Province, the China-Australia International Men's Basketball Tournament, the China-Canada International Women's Basketball Tournament, and the second stage of the CBA playoffs, and many other international and domestic competitions.

Morodok Techo National Stadium in Cambodia


The project is the largest and highest-level stadium among all China-aided stadiums in other countries. Covering an area of about 16.22 hectares, with 55,000 seats and another 5,000 seats reserved, it is a top-grade stadium with a total floor area of 82,400 square meters.

Danzhou Sports Centre in Hainan Province


It is first prefabricated stadium constructed by CSCEC in Hainan Free Trade Port, which is the main venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 6th Hainan Provincial Games. With a total floor area of 101,800 square meters, the main construction includes a stadium that can accommodate 30,000 people, a gymnasium with more than 5,000 seats, and a swimming pool with more than 1,000 seats. It is the third largest comprehensive sports venue in Hainan Province.

Renovation Project of National Indoor Stadium for the 2022 Winter Olympics


CSCEC contributed its bit to the Winter Olympics by creating green and sustainable venues. The project was one of the three main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It is the venue for all the men's ice hockey events in the Winter Olympics, part of the women's ice hockey finals, and the ice hockey event in the Winter Paralympics, as well as the training venue for ice hockey and other competitions.

Invengo Gymnasium of Xidian University in Shaanxi Province


Designed and constructed by CSCEC, the gymnasium is the venue for the badminton competition of the 14th National Games. With a total floor area of more than 23,000 square meters, it consists of the main stadium on the ground, training halls, equipment rooms, etc., of which the main stadium has about 6,000 seats. It is a medium-sized comprehensive stadium integrating sports, exhibitions, conferences and large-scale events. The venue won the first batch of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize in 2018-2019.

Chengdu High-Tech Zone Sports Centre in Sichuan Province


The venue looks like a "jewel", with a unique structure and novel design. It is a table tennis venue for the 31st Summer Universiade. It includes a multi-functional gymnasium, a citizen fitness gymnasium and a service center. Among them, the multi-functional gymnasium is the first large-scale A-level gymnasium in Sichuan Province that can hold international competitions. It can meet the requirements of basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and other domestic and international competitions. It can meet the multi-functional needs of cultural shows, conferences and exhibitions.

Handan Comprehensive Gymnasium in Hebei Province


CSCEC employed intelligent construction and prefabricated steel structure technology to build the main venue for the16th Hubei Provincial Games. The venue inherits the characteristics of "Tai Chi". It is the largest comprehensive venue for indoor diving, swimming and indoor sports competitions at the junction of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and the surrounding areas.

Gymnasium of the New Campus of Tianjin University of Sport


The gymnasium was the venue for the fencing competition of the 13th National Games. The museum covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with a floor area of 14,000 square meters. The playing field is 50 meters long and 38 meters wide. After the completion of the project, it will become the most comprehensive with greatest concentrations of stadiums in Asia.

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