CSCEC’s first metro operation project sees its first anniversary

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Recently, the phase I of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3, an urban rail transit PPP project involving CSCEC’s investment, construction and operation, has seen the first anniversary since its opening.


The project is the first urban rail transit PPP project in Zhengzhou City and Henan Province, which runsfrom the north to south of the city.

Since its opening, the first phase of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 has been operated in a safe and stable manner, with all indicators meeting or exceeding industry standards. As of the end of 2021, the first phase of Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 has completed 88,766 services, covering a total travel distance of 2.1017 million kilometers. The line has transported 38.58 million passengers in total, with an average daily volume of 124,800 passengers. The maximum passenger volume per day reached 197,300 on April 4, 2021.



In addition, CSCEC fully participated in subway operations, strived to improve operation services, and brought convenience for citizens, making subway a comfortable, convenient, green and safe travel choice for citizens in Zhengzhou.

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