CSCEC builds a cross-country ski training base in Jilin for the 2022 Winter Olympic athletes

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CSCEC insists on developing green buildings and strengthening low-carbon technology innovation. The project of the Beishan Four Seasons Ski Park in Jilin, a cross-country skiing training base for the professional athletes of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, is also a digital and low-carbon building.


The Beishan Four Seasons Ski Park in Jilin locates in Beishan Park Scenic Area, Chuanying District, Jilin City. It mainly includes a 1.3km international standard cross-country ski training track, a 500m track for amateurs, and a 1.45km outdoor snow track, a departure hall, a snow-making machinery room, and other buildings. It is a cross-country ski training base for the professional athletes of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The project applies a number of green construction technologies, becoming the fourth in the world after Finland, Sweden, and Germany, and the first all-weather standardized professional ski training field in Asia. It is literally the world's first ski tunnel.


The construction team specifically used a 3D laser scanner to determine the exact location where blasting was required, precisely calculated quantities of earth to be moved out, and used the 180,000 cubic meters of blasted granite as backfill material, greatly reducing the energy consumption of the project.


The project is located in Jilin Beishan Park Scenic Area, with beautiful scenery and a dense forest. When constructing the outdoor project, the project team insisted on green construction and used a digital model for pre-design. While protecting the landscape in the region, numerous use spaces were carved out from the mountain, and the steel processing workshop and material-mixing workshop were set up there, which has conserved more than 1500 square meters of land and effectively protected the ecological environment in the construction area.


The construction team used BIM technology to integrate the outdoor snow track with the actual mountain terrain. With the help of model demonstration, more than 2400 seedlings of 24 species were transplanted to the low-coverage area, reducing steel waste by about 56 tons.

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