CSCEC invites you to celebrate 100-day countdown to Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games

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There are 100 days countdown to Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and the National Indoor Stadium hence held a ceremony on October 27. Meanwhile, all the venues built by CSCEC for the games have also been successively completed.

National Indoor Stadium


Located in the south of the Beijing Olympic Park, the National Indoor Stadium was once the competition venue for gymnastics, trampoline, wheelchair basketball and other games for the Beijing 2008 Summer Games. Therefore, it had been one of the three main venues for the Beijing 2008 Summer Games and is now one of the landmark buildings in the Olympic central area.

As a key project of the Winter Olympics, the renovation of the National Indoor Stadium by CSCEC covers a total construction area of 97,836 square meters, mainly involving the internal and external renovation of the stadium and the building of training halls. Thus, it becomes the largest comprehensive indoor stadium in China after renovation.

Beijing “Ice Cube” Ice Sports Center 


With the total renovation area of more than 5,000 square meters, Ice Cube is the largest curling venue in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, and the only dual-use Olympic venue in the world that has a curling track on the swimming pool. The biggest challenge of the project is the addition of ice functions on the basis of maintaining the swimming function of the “Water Cube”. In other words, to form a curling court with 4 standard courses through the construction of a convertible structure and the installation of a removable ice making system in the middle of the venue.

The transformation from Water Cube to Ice Cube follows the green and sustainable concept. After completion, it will conduce to promoting ice and snow sports.

Yanqing Winter Olympic Village and Yanqing Mountain Media Center 


The total construction area of the second section of the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village and Yanqing Mountain Media Center project in Beijing is 137,500 square meters, including a Winter Olympic Village athlete block, a public block, a mountain media center and ancient village ruins. During the game, more than 1,500 beds will be provided for athletes and team officials, serving as a residence and work place of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games at the same time.

The project provides international professional Winter Olympic services for athletes and team officials. In addition, it can also provide services for fans of ice and snow sports and mountain activities around the world apart from hosting major international events, finally becoming a world-class new landmark for the Winter Olympics.

Beijing Wukesong Ice Sports Center 


The Wukesong Ice Sports Center with a construction area of 38,400 square meters, located in Haidian District, Beijing, is the ice hockey training venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The project includes the construction of ice rink, stands, rest areas for spectators, auxiliary rooms for training, equipment rooms, public halls, transportation spaces, theaters and provides a comprehensive supporting service of sports culture.

Zhangjiakou Ice and Snow Town Hotel 


Zhangjiakou Ice and Snow Town Hotel project is an important supporting facility for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. CSCEC has undertaken the fine decoration project for its public area of 9,000 square meters. The lobby and banquet hall are super high areas with complex designs and the functional rooms, unique in design, serve as the main meeting area such as the Chinese restaurant and meeting rooms, etc. 

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