Alamein Downtown Towers project officially starts

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The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Alamein Downtown Towers project. Assem Gazza, Egyptian Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, attended the cornerstone laying ceremony and laid the first cornerstone of the project.


Assem Gazza said that after witnessing the completion of "Africa's tallest building" by CSCEC with extremely high standards, he once again witnessed the start of the Alamein Downtown Towers project. He spoke highly of China's high-quality and efficient implementation of the contract and its contribution to Egypt's economic and social development. The successful commencement of the project marks the beginning of the rapid construction of Alamein Downtown Towers, which will be built into a central city of culture, service, industrial engineering, and tourism on the northern coast of Egypt.

Located on the Mediterranean coast of northern Egypt, the Alamein Downtown Towers project is one of the most important strategic cities planned by the Egyptian government in 2030, which is planned to be built into the "summer capital" of Egypt. The project is in the core area of the New Alamein City, and is positioned as a super high-rise mansion with sea view. The construction includes one 300-meters tall apartment building and four 200-meter tall apartment buildings. With a contract value of about 1.92 billion U.S. dollars and a construction area of 1.09 million square meters, the project is another major high-end housing construction project undertaken by CSCEC after the CBD project of Egypt's New Administrative Capital, and it is also one of the largest projects signed by Chinese enterprises in the Egyptian market, which will become another model of China-Egypt cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.



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