Witness Happiness: CCDC releases its first sustainability report

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The first Singapore Sustainability Report released by CSCEC made a detailed elaboration on the actions and achievements of CSCEC in Singapore and surrounding areas to purse a happy life, a good ecology, and a prosperous society:

Themed on "Witness Happiness" and taking expanding the space of happiness as a mainline, the report has three chapters, namely, "building a new smart city complex", "building a safe and environmentally friendly management system", and "expanding a harmonious space for prosperity and progress." It is a beautiful epitome of CSCEC's contributions to Singapore's sustainable development and efforts in building a community with a shared future for mankind.


Press release of CCDC's sustainability report by The Straits Times

Building a new smart city complex

In Singapore, we have built 4 medical centers including the Emergency Care of Singapore General Hospital and the Novena Medical Center. Situated at the top of the Novena MRT station, the Novena Medical Center project includes a commercial center, a parking lot and a medical center.


Novena Medical Center 


HDB Bedok N4C6 

In Singapore, about 80% of the population lives in government HDB flats. Since 1992, China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd (CCDC), a regional subsidiary of CSCEC, has actively supported the Singaporean government's "Home Ownership" scheme to build a happy and livable community for Singaporeans. For every 25 residential units, CCDC has contributed its bit.

For the past 28 years, CSCEC, withstanding the wind and rain and forging ahead, has been deeply involving in all aspects of production and life in Singapore such as housing, education, medical care, entertainment, and transportation. We have, with ingenuity and high-quality work, built 42,698 government HDB units and 29,039 apartments, six infrastructure projects including Keppel station and its tunnel and the extension line to Punggol Coast, and 18 hotel and commercial center projects including Oasia Hotel Novena, and 17 educational institutions, including Republic Polytechnic and the Nanyang Technological University Administration Building, thus creating an urban environment suitable for Singaporeans' work and life.

Building a safe and environmentally friendly management system

Driven by its creed of "Life Foremost, Safety First, and Green and Gracious", CSCEC has established departments related to quality, environment, health and safety, implemented its safety goals and responsibilities, and adopted the environmental protection technologies including Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), the pneumatic waste collection system, and sewage treatment system to expand safe and environmentally friendly space for Singaporeans and help the construction of a beautiful Singapore. In addition, CSCEC is the first contractor in Singapore to establish a safety innovation training center.


CSCEC is the first contractor in Singapore to establish a safety innovation training center

Expanding a harmonious space for prosperity and progress

Upholding the localized employment and fully understanding and respecting Singapore's customs, CSCEC integrates its core business philosophy and values to create a working environment that is diverse, inclusive and harmonious, and cultivate many talents with international visions. As of the end of 2019, CSCEC had provided jobs for people from 10 countries in Singapore, and the localization rate of employees was as high as 93.7%.


 Dormitories at the Bulim Square

Looking ahead, CSCEC will continue to sincerely cooperate and work with all stakeholders in Singapore to promote the sustainable development of the local economy and society and expand the space for happiness!

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