Witness Happiness: CSCEC invites you to unpack the largest comprehensive sports venue in Africa

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On December 14, the Algerian Oriental Commercial Square Sports Hall, invested and operated by CSCES Algeria, held the "Witness Happiness" Cloud Open Day event. People can experience the largest comprehensive sports venue in Africa online through social media platforms at home and abroad such as Kwai, TikTok, and Yangshipin (a video platform of CCTV), so as to witness the latest achievement of the Belt and Road cooperation.

The project is located in the prime locations on the east side of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. With modern transportation and communication infrastructure, the area is filled with office buildings and serviced apartments, as well as commercial, shopping, catering and sports facilities. As an important part of the Oriental Commercial Square, the sports venue is designed by Christian de Portzamparc, a famous French architect and town planner. The sports venue is located among the high-rise buildings in the CBD of the capital, which combines traditional Algerian characteristics, traditional Chinese landscape cultural characteristics and Nordic wooden house characteristics. With a total area of about 7,000 square meters, the sports venue boasts sports and leisure facilities such as constant temperature swimming pools, rooms for fitness class, multifunctional arena, fitness areas for aerobic and anaerobic exercises, areas for SPA and Sauna Spa. The sports venue can accommodate 400 people at a time. It is the largest and highest-end comprehensive sports venue in Africa.

"Our goal is to give the Algerian people a new experience of sports and fitness by providing high-quality fitness and leisure services, comfortable and clean sports environment and modern management system", said Hasid Madji, a representative of the operation party.

The project started in August 2018 and was delivered in March 2020. During the construction process, CSCES has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and creating local jobs. More than 100 Algerian builders have participated in the construction. CSCES has also deeply integrated into the local market and cooperated with local enterprises in various ways.

"Win-win cooperation" is an important action guide for CSCES's production and operation in Algeria. As the main builder of social housing projects in Algeria, CSCES has built more than 140,000 houses with a building area of more than 14 million square meters; and it has also built 15 university towns, which can accommodate 100 thousand students. It has built the Algiers New Airport, the largest airport hub in North Africa, and infrastructure projects such as the north-south highway in Algeria, which have greatly shortened people's travel time and brought closer economic and trade exchanges to the Sahara region and even Africa at large...

Since CSCEC came to Algeria in 1982, 260-plus representative projects have been built, and CSCEC is committed to building a healthy and happy life together with local people.

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