The largest transportation infrastructure project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor officially taken over and opened to traffic

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On December 16, local time, the Taking Over Certificate issuance ceremony of the largest transportation infrastructure project under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor—Pakistan’s PKM (Peshawar to Karachi Motorway) Project (Sukkur-Multan Section) undertaken by CSCEC was held in Multan, marking its official taking over and opening to traffic.


This motorway starts from Karachi in the south and reaches Peshawar in the north, with a total length of 1152 kilometers. After its official opening to traffic, the project will open up the major north-south traffic artery in central Pakistan, greatly improve the traffic situation of Pakistan, directly drive the social and economic development of the areas along the alignment, and benefit the Pakistani people.

While ensuring a perfect performance, the project has also made many records in Pakistan. The project boasts the fastest construction speed in Pakistan, and is completed 13 days ahead of schedule.

PKM project attaches great importance to the cooperation with local enterprises. All materials and equipment are prioritized from local procurement, and indirectly drive downstream industries, injecting vitality into the local economy. During the construction of PKM project, Pakistani employees are given priority. Except for a few Chinese, 97% of the employees are Pakistanis, which has created a large number of local jobs. The project actively fulfills social responsibilities, 12 schools, 79.6 kilometers of roads, and 20 bridges have been constructed for villages along the alignment.

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