CSCEC releases its English version of 2020 Interim Report

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China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) today released the English version of the "China Construction Interim Report 2020" (the "English Interim Report"), in order to implement the strategic objectives of “one creation and five aspects of strength”, to improve its internationalization level and to fully and timely inform international investors and concerned parties at home and abroad of its latest development and investment value.

CSCEC, as a company listed only on China A shares market, released the English Interim Report on its own initiative, which not only shows its corporate image of globalization and keeps pace with the internationalization of the capital market, but also shows its confidence in internal control and corporate governance. CSCEC has been included in two major international indexes, namely MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) and FTSC (FTSE Russell), as it has gained more and more attention and favor from international investors in recent years. The English Interim Report was released with a view to allowing international investors to enhance their understanding of CSCEC and showing a responsible attitude towards investors at home and abroad.

In terms of contents, the English Interim Report is completely consistent with its Chinese counterpart, and has undergone multiple rounds of proofreading to ensure its completeness and accuracy. In terms of typesetting, in order to further enhance the readability and adapt to the English reading habits, certain adjustments have been made to the internal layout of the English Interim Report in order to further integrate CSCEC's operating conditions and financial reports. In addition, in order to fulfill its social responsibility and display its commitment to environmental protection, CSCEC has released both the electronic version and the printed version of 2020 Interim Report. The printed version of the report will be printed by using environmentally friendly paper and soybean ink certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to minimize the impact on the environment.

In the future, CSCEC will constantly benchmark itself against world-class companies and industry-leading companies and continuously improve its strength as a listed company. It will also increase its efforts on overseas promotion and dissemination activities in line with the needs of global investors. Specifically, CSCEC will release more and more corporate announcements, regular reports and promotional materials in English through overseas media matrixes including the English official website and social media, in a bid to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of information disclosure, strengthen communication and exchanges with global investors, allow more investors to get knowledge of CSCEC and demonstrate CSCEC's investment potential and value.

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